Oxford’s Dreaming Spires!

After testing our wings outside of London, we finally take flight into the English countryside, and find a snug, warm nest among the dreaming spires of Oxford. Students Kamryn Littleton, Jordan Brown and Grace Meno describe what they saw!

Kamryn Littleton: “Our first evening in Oxford was a treat! We had the opportunity to visit Dr Allinson’s alma mater, Magdalen College. While we were there, we watched a beautiful sunset! What a great start to our Oxford adventures!”

Jordan Brown: “Today we visited the University Church of St Mary the Virgin. We climbed 127 steps to the top of the tower and could see exceptional views of the city of Oxford. Some highlights of this excursion include climbing a narrow spiral staircase to the top of the tower (wide enough for only one traveler!), aerial views of the Bodleian library, and beautiful blue skies. The church itself has been around for nearly one thousand years and is still a place of worship for students and the Oxford community. It was a pleasure to explore this site.”

Views of King James VI and I sitting atop the great medieval Bodleian Library, the perpendicular valued ceilings of the Divinity School, and the majestic Radcliffe Camera, courtesy of Grace Meno and Dr Allinson!

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