Farewell to Oxford

Our merry travelers continue their pilgrimage along the Tudor trail!

On our final day in Oxford, we explored the ruined abbey of Godstow, dissolved during Henry VIII’s Reformation. Afterwards, we chose our own adventures… Maria Cools tracked down the grave of J. R. R. Tolkien; Aiyana Stephens and Madison Willis made friends with the horses of Port Meadow; and Kinani Halvorsen found the big bad king himself: “A fun little painting inside of Blackwell’s books in Oxford featuring King Henry VIII. He is holding the red and white rose known as the Tudor rose (colors representing the houses of York and Lancaster). Behind him you can see the outlines of six women being the six wives he famously had. In order from first to last they were divorced, beheaded, then one died, divorced, beheaded, and the last one survived!”

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