St David’s Cathedral, Celtic Crosses, and Carew Castle!

Today we travelled to the western edge of Wales, to visit the ancient Cathedral of St David’s.

Kinani Halvorsen: “Just a phenomenal picture of Saint David’s Cathedral today [near] Tenby. It looks like it’s just the angle of the photo but interestingly enough, it’s actually the building itself that is slanted. The structure leads it to slip with the ground underneath and lead to the ceilings inside, that date from the Tudor period, t be made from wood. One could easily expect them to be made from stone during this time but because the building had so many problems with its structure and the movement of it, it was made from Irish oak to prevent extra weight added to the cathedral.”

Meagan Mansfield: “St David’s Cathedral. The burial place of Edmund Tudor, father of King Henry VII. The king that stopped the War of the Roses.”

Meagan Mansfield: “Carew Castle went through many owners, the reason for the first tower being built was for Princess Nest as a dowry. Later, in the Tudor period it fell into the hands of Rhys ap Thomas who backed Henry VII during the last bit of the War of the Roses. Then it was passed on to Sir John Perrot who served as Lord Deputy [of Ireland] to Queen Elizabeth I.”

And so we bid a reluctant farewell to picturesque Tenby… and prepare to shake hands with the Shake-speare himself in Stratford-Upon-Avon!

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