Takeoff and Arrival in London!

The skies were appropriately blue, clear, and inviting in Seattle as our group assembled at the airport to begin our journey to new lands and historical times! Despite a one-hour delay, spirits were high in anticipation of in-flight entertainment and all the gastronomic delights British Airways might offer (verdict: believe the hype about sticky toffee pudding!).

The Tudor England J-Term 2019 Travelers awaiting lift-off at SeaTac!

The blue skies followed us all the way to London, and helped carry our jet-lagged but happy selves to our new home in Highbury, where a well-earned plate of fish and chips (and one or two pints of British beer) at our new local pub awaited. Tomorrow, we shake hands with Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, and the Tower! It’s only the beginning…

Dinner at the Alwyne Castle pub, Highbury